Wednesday, September 22, 2021

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2019 Proved Historic Year for Hydropower

LAHORE – Year 2019 has proved to be a historic one for development of water and hydropower resources in Pakistan, as record generation of hydel electricity was supplied to the National Grid during the year. Beside it, the hydel power...

12 Dead in a Plane Crash in Kazakhstan

NUR SULTAN –  12 dead in a plane crash in Kazakhstan as a disturbing report of a passenger plane crash emerged. A passenger plane carrying nearly 100 people crashed near the city(Almaty), slamming into a house in an accident...

A decade long wait

It has been a very long wait for both, the cricket fans and cricket stadiums in Pakistan to witness this  sport come home with all its international formats. A decade long wait to be exact. This long wait wasn’t...

UK declares Pakistan Safe for Travel

ISLAMABAD – The United Kingdom has changed its travel advisory for Pakistan in view of the improved security situation in the country, media reported on Friday that Pakistan Safe for Travel. According to details, the decision was made after comprehensive...

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Africa To Get $57 Billion From Official Creditors In 2020

WASHINGTON - Africa To Get $57 Billion From Official Creditors In 2020. The International Monetary Fund and World Bank,...
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