UN Supports Imran Khan’s Global Initiative On Debt Relief

UN Supports Imran Khan's Global Initiative On Debt Relief

NEW YORK – UN Supports Imran Khan’s Global Initiative On Debt Relief. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has supported Prime Minister Imran Khan’s call for a global initiative on debt relief. The call is to provide debt relief for the developing countries in wake of economic meltdown generated by the coronavirus pandemic

According to details, spokesman of the UN Secretary-General, Stephane Dujarric announced this in a news conference in New York. He said that PM Imran Khan’s initiative is in the same spirit as the Secretary-General’s own position.


UN Chief believes that debt relief must be an important part of the COVID-19 response. Including immediate waiver on interest payments for the current year. It is important that the limited resources of the world’s poorest countries must be used to combat COVID-19 virus.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Imran Khan on Sunday appealed for the ‘Global initiative on debt relief’. The prime minister cautioned that the pandemic’s socio-economic impacts would be more consequential in the developing countries.


The proposed global initiative aimed to lay the ground for urgent debt relief to the developing countries. This will be at their request, and without onerous conditionality’s. Khan also urged world leaders to step up measures to help developing countries to overcome the pandemic.

He proposed that the developing countries should be provided with fiscal space and financial relief through enhanced debt relief and restructuring and other additional measures that could help them manage the unfolding crisis.

UN Supports Imran Khan’s Global Initiative On Debt Relief.

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