Thursday, September 29, 2022

UK’s Post-Brexit Trade Deal With EU

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LONDON – UK’s Post-Brexit Trade Deal With EU. The United Kingdom has, on Thursday, put the prospect of a chaotic Brexit back on the table. As it set out its red lines for upcoming trade talks with the European Union.

According to details, in its mandate for negotiations that start on Monday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government rebuffed the EU’s demands for common trading standards and to maintain existing fishing rights.

This would see Britain’s currently seamless trading arrangements with the EU, forged over half a century of membership, abruptly end. “We want the best trading relationship with the EU, but not on the cost of our sovereignty”. Senior government minister Michael Gove told this to MPs.

The European Commission however, said it was preparing for all scenarios. “The commission maintains its capacity to prepare for no deal following the result of those negotiations,” spokeswoman Dana Spinant said. UK’s Post-Brexit Trade Deal With EU.

She added that the June meeting that London had set as a deadline to decide progress was “a very fair timeline” to take stock of whether a deal was possible.

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