How To Stay Fit During The Lockdown


COVID-19 outbreak has forced lockdown all around the globe. Especially in the urban settlements. People have no other options except for working from home and keep the daily routine on the go.

The lockdown has forced many businesses to shut down completely for an indefinite period. This includes all the gyms and fitness centers as well. With little or no excess to fitness related equipment, many have been worried to maintain their physiques and health. Many fitness models have started uploading alternative workouts that can be done easily at home without equipment.


The best approach during quarantine is to start  body-weight exercises and add volume gradually. This includes, Body-weight squats, lunges, jumping jacks, crunches, planks, mountain climbs, triceps dips and all kinds of push-up variations. Body weight exercises are known to be extremely great for building muscle strength and endurance but not exactly quite helpful in gaining muscle size.

The workout routine can be divided preferably into a two day split, an upper-body day and a lower-body day. Rest days can be left as personal preferences, but 2 off days a week are generally preferred.


With all the time you have in quarantine you can use the web to learn exercises and customize your own workouts.

Not to forget that working out is only one part of the fitness story. You don’t want to be eating in a caloric surplus with minimal physical activity. This will only lead you to put on unwanted bodyfat. Maintenance calories diets are recommended to keep your body toned.

While the world prays to get out of the lockdown soon, none of us should be overlooking our health and fitness.

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