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Govt Committed To Eradicate Poverty

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ISLAMABAD – Govt Committed To Eradicate Poverty. Prime Minister Imran Khan, on Tuesday, launched ‘Data4Pakistan’ portal under government’s Ehsaas programme.

According to details, prime minister also addressed the launching ceremony. He said the government will eradicate poverty from the country. Adding that the development funds are not used for the uplifting of the people. Khan said it is our mission to fight poverty in the country.

World Bank has collaborated in this portal. It will be accessible under the Poverty Alleviation and Social Safety Division on the Ehsaas programme’s website. Data4Pakistan is the first of its kind initiative in Pakistan and will provide open access to estimates regarding poverty for every district in Pakistan. It currently has six rounds of district poverty and development data, covering the period 2004 to 2018.

The prime minister maintained that the portal will help in highlighting the exact data in each district. Data4Pakistan will prove to be a valuable resource facilitating the decision making of federal, provincial and district level policymakers. Govt Committed To Eradicate Poverty.

The portal would allow access to interactive maps which would help users visualise and compare districts’ poverty and two additional indicators. The user can also select a subset of provinces or districts to focus on through a simple drop-down list.

The indicators currently available in the portal range from demography, health, education and employment. It also includes data on key services like water, sanitation, electricity and gas, while also providing a number of gender parity indices regarding districts.

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