5 Ways To Have Fun During the COVID-19 Qurantine


Remember all the times when you felt like, “I should really do that, but I just don’t have time.” Well, say hello to that extra time and invest in yourself. 

With COVID-19 paralyzing most parts of the world, many of us are stuck at home. Our contribution in this crisis is very crucial. No generation has ever been asked to fight a war by just sitting home all day. Some of us even have our exams cancelled. While it sounds really fun and games, we do understand that sitting back home can get very boring and frustrating. Ergo, NewsOxide has five things you can do to have fun during the COVID-19 Quarantine at home.

  1. Family Time

    You would probably be thinking that you already do this. But, there is a great chance that you might not be spending as much time. Whether you or a parent at home with your children or you’re an adult with your parents, connect with them. It doesn’t matter if you contact them in real time (which we don’t recommend during the quarantine) or through video chats. This quarantine could be the best time to reconnect with essentially everyone. After all, they aren’t doing anything either. Besides, it’s always a fulfilling experience to go down the memory lane. We never know what people have saved in their heads about us.

  2. Youtube

    This goes without saying that Youtube is among the best free resources we have. There are plenty of fascinating documentaries online that anyone can watch for free. There is a vast number of videos that are popular, informative and entertaining. “Last Week Tonight” with John Oliver is all three and is about 20 minutes per episode. By watching 10 of those and you’ve spent more than three hours both learning and laughing. Similarly, you have “Crash Course” dominated by the Green Brothers. Crash Course teaches in fun and concise ways. You can learn so much in this quarantine from Astronomy to Literature and cover extensive courses. 

  3. Netflix

    Let’s face it. We do this most of the time anyways. But now, there are no exams we’re missing, neither are we supposed to be ‘playing outside’ instead. While Netflix is commonly known for virtually replacing cinemas for movies and series, there is actually a lot more to it. You can watch funny yet educational shows like, “The Patriot Act” by Hasan Minaj. Similarly, you can learn about fascinating things like memory and even sex through “Explained” by the news site Vox.

  4. Books/ Audio Books

    If you love watching movies and shows, you should know that the books are always loved more by the fans compared to the movies. So if you really liked Harry Potter movies as a kid, imagine how much you would like the Harry Potter books. Books exist just in as many varieties as videos and movies and so there is a plethora of genres to pick from. You can find books laying around in your home, find online PDFs and eBooks, or even download audio books where you just have to sit back and listen. Audible for instance, should be your new best friend in this quarantine which is a great resource for audio books.

  5. Learn New Skills

    Perhaps this is the most important thing we can do. With digitization and increased competitions the world has become more specialized. The odds are always gonna be against you for college seats, consequently the job market, and even in the ‘relationship market’. Which is why to remain in the competition and always get the person YOU love, you need to be more specialized and more skilled in every walk of life. And so, you must learn as many skills possible. We have compiled a list of skills that are both lucrative and necessary in the 21st Century. We hope you come out totally transformed after the quarantine. 


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