Whatsapp Helpline For Virus Inquiries Launched By Government


KARACHI: The government has propelled a “WhatsApp Corona Helpline” to battle false reports, myths and convey reports on the nation’s most famous messaging platform.

WhatsApp users across the nation can connect with the health ministry on +923001111166 for trustworthy data, most recent updates , awareness resources, or finding the closest lab for testing. To contact the helpline, residents should save the WhatsApp number in their contacts, and afterward start a talk by sending “Hi” and sending it to the number, which will take them to either type in an inquiry or look over a rundown of every now and again posed inquiries. Dependent upon the inquiry, clients will get confirmed data as a video, or content or link.


The WhatsApp helpline gives data in Urdu and six languages including Punjabi, Sindhi, Pashto, Balochi and Kashmiri. The whatsapp helpline responds to inquiries regarding novel coronavirus, its manifestations, approaches to protect yourself, hazard evaluation, educative recordings made by the health service and offers data about closest labs for the Covid-19 test.

The helpline likewise gives day by day figures of confirmed cases in Pakistan. The figures, in any case, are cited from the National Institute of Health’s 10am daily update.


“WhatsApp is one place where most discussions occur in the country. With the helpline, we intend to comfort maximum individuals by letting them self-survey Covid dangers and consequently additionally reduce the weight on our health framework,” said Khurram Jamali, Advisor to Digital Pakistan head Tania Aidrus.

Mr Jamali said the team was additionally moving in the direction of digitizing lab testing results to outline spread of the infection the nation. “The point is to complie confirmed tests of Covid-19 from labs the across in one spot that is open to the general public,” he said.

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